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The Sheriff of Tucson


Tucson has a problem. Their sheriffs keep getting killed. Federal Marshal Juan Miguel Castillo is sent there to settle things down until a new sheriff can take over. But settling things down means bringing in a band of outlaws with a history of killing anyone who gets in their way. On his trusty warhorse, Nola, Juan trails his quarry deep into Apache territory. The marshal is plenty good with a gun and trained to handle any bandito, but nothing in his past has prepared him for the woman from Delilah’s Saloon. 

Cops, Crooks & Cowboys

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Cops, Crooks & Cowboys, is the story of a group of inner city police officers who are pushed to the breaking point. The action is seen through the windshield of a black-and-white and over the ears of a galloping quarter horse. Readers of police procedurals and westerns will love the melding of these two genres. The inaugural novel by Arl Farris is a must read for those that love adventure, intrigue and action. 

Arl Takes The Reader On A Ride

Arl's books are unique. He puts the reader in the middle of the action. Have you ever wondered
what it would be like to drive a black and white in a crime riddled section of downtown? Wanted
to know how fast your heart would beat galloping away from the law while on horseback? Have
you thought about matching wits with a sophisticated con man? How would you survive being
stranded in the middle of the Mojave Desert without water, or get away from an approaching
lightning storm while on a kayak? This is your chance to find out. Pickup one of Arl's books
today and let your adventure begin.

Writing with Authority and Humor

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